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AFCHEM officially signs an Exclusive Distribution Agency Agreement with AVO – European top-class Spice Group

The strategic cooperation between AFCHEM and AVO affirms the immense development in research and sales contributed by AFCHEM. The partnership is expected to start an exceptional culinary creation of flavor and quality for Vietnamese market, as well as South East Asia in general.

Development cooperation for the standardized area

Better ingredients, more enjoyment!

Always putting ourselves in customers’ position and evaluating our products thoroughly in all aspects, Asia Food Chemical JSC (AFCHEM) is known as a prestige brand in providing the market with the best products which are good for health as well as improve quality of life. “Developing Material Area of Mesona Chinensis Benth Vie 36 - Cao Bang” is one of our core projects aiming at producing high-quality products. It is expected to be a breakthrough step of AFCHEM in 2020.


Our Principle: Quality is the core

We acknowledge that high-quality material area is a vital part of the production process. We may only provide the most nutritional products for consumers as selecting the best ingredients. 


Mesona Chinensis Benth (scientific name) is a special tree, the more difficult the weather conditions are, the stronger the trees grow. These trees become low and strong in the harsh environment with thick leaves which make a better taste when put into production. The best area for planting is medium highlands having long periods of sunshine, large temperature differences and good drainage which help the trees have a stronger gel. After surveys and evaluation of its quality in different areas, we have selected Cao Bang to be the main material area.  


Furthermore, a huge volume of these raw material has been bought by many Chinese businessmen. Subsequently, they have exported back to the Vietnamese market, however with low-quality products. Our project aiming at developing Suong Sao Vie 36-Cao Bang Material Area not only provides jobs for local residents, helps them boost economy but also maintain the quality and prestige of the high-quality material area. The precious natural herbs of Vietnam will be opened and become well-known worldwide.


Development cooperation for the standardized area


Gaining the trust of the project committee of “Developing Material Area of Mesona Chinensis Benth Vie 36- Cao Bang” sponsored by Luxembourg, AFCHEM proudly collaborates with the project and local authorities to develop the material area. 


With this strategic alliance, AFCHEM has been assisting local residents with cultivation, fertilization and cropping. We also guide them in the use of pesticides to ensure the quality and yield of Suong Sao. Besides, AFCHEM also participates in constructing standards for warehouses to keep the material in good condition before going into production and avoid bacteria and fungi.


By the leading brand name in the high-quality jelly industry in Vietnam, AFCHEM makes its own way to cooperate with local residents in mountainous and remote regions to develop the material areas. Also, we promote the importance of preserving these material areas’ value and launch advertising campaigns nationwide and worldwide.


With our investment in research and development of the material areas, AFCHEM prides ourselves on being a skillful engineer, who can share with customers the formulas of quality products.