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AFCHEM officially signs an Exclusive Distribution Agency Agreement with AVO – European top-class Spice Group

The strategic cooperation between AFCHEM and AVO affirms the immense development in research and sales contributed by AFCHEM. The partnership is expected to start an exceptional culinary creation of flavor and quality for Vietnamese market, as well as South East Asia in general.

AFCHEM & AVO - Breakthrough in the Vietnamese food seasoning industry

More than 2000 products have been created and divided into diversified lines - The cooperation of AFCHEM and AVO has created a major breakthrough in the Vietnamese food industry with their distinctive taste and quality.


With its strong capacity and internal power, AFCHEM has been a reliable partner in providing high quality food ingredients for many large and small domestic and international food processing enterprises. AVO - One of the leading European enterprises in the food seasoning industry with its safe, natural and high quality products.  The triad of experience, know-how and expertise qualifies AVO as a true spice specialist. They are well represented through our historically created and steadily growing AVO spice network in every part of the world and in every region cultivating these fine natural products.

Passing 2 years of market research and testing, AFCHEM officially became the exclusive distributor of AVO. The remarkable cooperation has brought to the Vietnamese customers more than 2000 high quality additive products divided into diversified lines:

- Sausage spice extract and seasoning

- Additives

- Sauce and marinade

- Processing Aids

- Net / case

We have one goal: we want to inspire you and your customers - with the highest quality, satisfying taste and the AVO-guarantee. Quality is our responsibility. We commit to these below factors:

- International quality standard

- No allergens

- No flavor enhancers 

- Great taste and visual. 

- Competitive price

AVO product quality will set the new standard for Vietnamese spice industry. With our full mind, AFCHEM constantly does its best to bring those civilized and high quality ingredients to every single Vietnamese meal. More than that, we strive to affirm Vietnamese cuisine’s values that we have always been conserving.