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16/11/23 – Comprehensive cooperation between Hai Ha - Kotobuki and AFCHEM

The delegation of Hai Ha - Kotobuki Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, General Director of the Company, met and worked with Asia Food Chemical Joint Stock Company - AFCHEM on November 16, 2023, at Thai Son Food Processing Factory, No. 31, Street 11 - VSIP Industrial Park, Tu Son City, Bac Ninh Province. The two parties discussed product development approaches that align with AFCHEM and Hai Ha - Kotobuki's business orientations, and they also exchanged and shared expertise in food production and processing.

Hai Ha Kotobuki has two plants in Truong Dinh, Hanoi, and Tien Son, Bac Ninh. The company supplies the market with premium fresh cakes, cakes, and confectionary products. Meanwhile, AFCHEM is recognized as a company that processes the production of jelly, jelly powder, and other supplemental items in powder and canned form in addition to distributing raw materials and food additives.

         Products of Origato store system

         Products of Hai Ha Kotobuki

         Products of AFCHEM

         AFCHEM's factory

Therefore, the comprehensive cooperation agreement between Hai Ha Kotobuki and AFCHEM is expected to bring many benefits to both businesses.

For Hai Ha Kotobuki, cooperation with AFCHEM will help business:

         Receive technological support and accompany brand development;

         Access to high-quality, stable raw materials to meet production needs;

         Reduce production costs, improve ability of product competitiveness;


         Enhance the ability to meet domestic and international market demands.

For AFCHEM, cooperation with Hai Ha brings:

         Strengthen the presence of the AFCHEM brand in the Vietnamese food market;

         Increase sales, expand markets.

The cooperation between Hai Ha - Kotobuki and AFCHEM is expected to bring many benefits to both businesses and the Vietnamese food industry. However, for this cooperation to be most effective, close coordination and efforts of both sides are important.