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26/11/23 - AFCHEM introduces some new gel and jelly product trends at Long Hai Co., Ltd.

On November 26th, 2023, Asia Food Chemicals Joint Stock Company (AFCHEM) introduced the trend of gel and jelly products to Long Hai Co., Ltd. The introduction took place at the production and trading factory of Long Hai Co., Ltd. in Hai Duong province with the participation of leaders, engineers and experts of the two companies.

At the presentation, AFCHEM presented the advantages of gel nutrition products as well as the potential to develop gel products (jelly) for many different target groups including athletes, sports practitioners, the elderly and children.

Currently, the number of people interested in nutritional supplements is increasing. In addition to the familiar forms of nutritional products in water and powder form, gel products are also a potential nutritional supplement line. The gel product is packaged in small packages, which is convenient to use anytime, anywhere and easy to control the dosage used. Besides, with a diverse structure from crispy to soft and many flavors and shapes, the product attracts many users, especially children. Gel foods have also been recommended by the American and European Society of Clinical Nutrition for people with swallowing problems who cannot use liquid and solid foods.

The introduction of the trend of gel (jelly) products in food of AFCHEM at Long Hai Co., Ltd. was a great success. This is an important step in expanding the market and seeking new cooperation opportunities. AFCHEM hopes that there will be many opportunities for positive cooperation and bring great value to both sides in the future.