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Locust bean gum test

Fine powder, cream to brownish-white color, with black spots; almost odorless.

Locust Bean Gum E410 is produced from the seeds of the carob tree (Ceratonia Siliqua).

  • Fermented milk, Renin coagulated milk (pure)                               
  • Cream                                                           
  • Pasta, dried and fresh noodles and similar products                          
  • Meat and seafood                                   
  • Egg products                                        
  • Sugar and syrup                                            
  • Designed food products for kids                                                      
  • Food supplements for kids                      
  • Coffee, coffee-like products, tea, herbal beverages and hot cereal-based beverages, excluding cocoa-based beverages

Circular No. 24/2019/TT-BYT; Circular No. 17/2023/TT-BYT: GMP.

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